Myths and Truths About Gold and Silver Investing

Where Should I Begin with Gold & Silver Investing?

To start with … STOP!!!

Most Gold and Silver investments that you see on the internet or late-night TV are SCAMS!

Most people buy their Gold & Silver investments from a coin-shop, a broker, or a website . Many of these companies can charge anywhere from 50% to 1000% increase over the actual value of the item.

Which means the moment you purchase your investment you have lost 50% to 1000%. Does that sound like a “GOOD” investment to you? It doesn’t to us either!

Why would someone in the Gold & Silver Buying Market recommend NOT investing in precious metals? Good question.

We do not invest in Gold and Silver – we buy it and sell it same day on the market. We simply offer a better facility to sell your valuables than the traditional choices of Jewelry Stores, Pawn Shops and the like – They are only preying on your bad circumstances.

Montrose Gold and Silver was founded on the principles of truth fueled by our own confusion and distrust of the industry. That is how we came to be. Please read our About Us Page.

Ok, back to investments …

Trends change so be aware of that, and so do circumstances with changing economic issues.

When we first wrote this webpage several years ago, 90% Silver Coins were the common Emergency Currency. Today, 1-oz. Silver is now the standard Emergency Currency, and 90% Silver Coins have lost their luster; although, they are still valuable due to their Silver content.

Covid-19 taught us that the most valuable commodity during this crisis, at least for a short period, was Toilet Paper.

So regardless of your Gold and Silver investing, a well-stocked pantry has proven to be invaluable.

We are now suggesting that people have equal amounts of Cash savings as they do Gold and Silver savings.

The Covid-19 crisis taught us that Cash was a much needed asset for short-term needs, while Gold and Silver proved to lose money in the short term, but gain value in the long term.

All investments have risks, and you should understand all these risks. Talk to a professional today before you make your choice to invest.

With investing, there is the Short Game and the Long Game to consider; as well as the risks. You should consider your own family’s needs and desires – investing is very personal.

I always say, “If you have a credit card payment, then buying Silver or Gold is foolish. Pay that credit card off first, and then add Gold, Silver and Cash to your safe-deposit box in equal amounts for that rainy day. As your savings build, you can increase your Gold and Silver holdings, and/or move into stocks, bonds, real estate, and more.”

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