Myths and Truths About Jewelry Stores

Jewelry Store

What a Jeweler Won’t Tell You When You Are Purchasing (Investing in) Your Jewelry

Diamonds are NOT rare. In fact, a $3000 diamond only costs the Jeweler $320, or less!
Jewelry only costs the Jeweler about 10% of what he is selling it for. This is why you always see 75% Off Sales!

A $1000 ring only costs the Jeweler about $100.

If the Jeweler is selling that $1000 ring during one of his “75% Off Sales,” it will cost the buyer $250. That is still a Huge Profit for the Jeweler!

And don’t forget, on all these sales they also raise their “Regular Retail Prices.”

A Jeweler is always your best friend when selling you jewelry, and he’ll always convince you that your “investment” will hold its value.

But, when you try to sell your item back to him, he is overstocked, and he’s just not buying those items “right now.”

Many jewelry stores will sell you a pre-owned jewelry item! That’s right! Your wedding ring was owned by someone else before you!

14K gold means that it is 58% Gold and 42% other metal!

10K gold is barely gold; it is up to 70% other metal!

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