Gold & Silver Investing

Myths About Gold & Silver Investing

Where Should I Begin with Gold & Silver Investing?

To start with ... STOP!!!

99% of all Gold and Silver investments are SCAMS!

Most people buy their Gold & Silver investments from a coin-shop or investment broker. These companies charge anywhere from 50% to 1000% increase over the actual value of the item.

Which means the moment you purchase your investment you have lost 50% to 1000%. Does that sound like a "GOOD" investment to you? It doesn't to us either!

Why would someone in the Gold & Silver Buying Market
recommend NOT investing in precious metals? Good question.

  • We do not invest in Gold and Silver – we buy it and sell it same day on the market. We simply offer a better facility to sell your valuables than the traditional choices of Jewelry Stores, Pawn Shops, Coins Shops, and the like – They are only preying on your bad circumstances.
  • Montrose Gold and Silver Buyers was founded on the principles of truth fueled by our own confusion and distrust of the industry. That is how we came to be. Please read our About Us Page.

Ok, back to investments ...

There are two main investments we would like to cover:

Short Term & Emergency Investments

1964 Silver Quarters

We recommend saving 90%-Silver US Coins consisting of pre-1964 Half-Dollars, Quarters or Dimes. These are easily purchased inexpensively in any face value amount from $0.10 to $1000s. These units make for a convenient way for families on any budget to save. And for the "End of the World" people, Silver coins make the perfect trading tool for commodities such as eggs, flours, sugar; and they are easily tucked away in a pocket.

We do not recommend GOLD at all for the Apocalypse as gold will hold too high of a value and it will be very difficult to trade in a barter system. But it wouldn't hurt to have a couple ounces on hand as well. And don’t forget a few rolls of modern quarters, to use in vending machines, just in case.

Have you thought of saving food, ammo, water, heat source, fuel?

Long Term Investments

Silver Rounds and Bars

We simply recommend Silver Rounds or Bars, as Silver is forecasted to out-produce Gold in the 30-40 year future, so it seems wise to buy Silver for the long term. Plus, in a pinch, Silver is easier to trade and sell for needed items. With Gold already at $1250 an ounce and Silver at just $20 an ounce most families can better afford silver over gold. Before long you will have a great savings built up that will surely earn you a handsome return.

The Precious Metals Industry Is Diverse and Complicated

Please keep in mind that the precious metals industry is diverse and complicated. We try to make sound recommendations that come from years of experience, from our own losses and gains, from losses and gains of friends, and from what we know to be true in the industry.

There is so much more to be said regarding Gold and Silver investing, but we strive to cover what MOST people will need to know. In this confusing world, people need a place to start and a realistic idea of what to do. We hope we have helped to steer you in the right direction for your family's needs.