Jewelry Stores

Myths & Truths About Jewelry Stores

What a Jeweler Won't Tell You When You Are Purchasing (Investing in) Your Jewelry

  • Diamonds are NOT rare. In fact, a $3000 diamond only costs the Jeweler $320, or less!
  • Jewelry only costs the Jeweler about 10% of what he is selling it for. This is why you always see 75% Off Sales!
  • A $1000 ring only costs the Jeweler about $100.
  • So if the Jeweler is selling that $1000 ring during one of his "75% Off Sales," it will cost the buyer $250. And he only paid about $100 for it.
  • That is still a Huge Profit for the Jeweler!
  • A Jeweler is always your best friend when selling you jewelry, and he'll always convince you that your "investment" will hold its value.
  • But, when you try to sell your item back to him, he is overstocked, and he's just not buying those items "right now."
  • Many jewelry stores will sell you a pre-owned jewelry item! That's right! Your wedding ring was owned by someone else before you!
  • 14K gold means that it is 58% Gold and 42% other metal!
  • 10K gold is barely gold; it is up to 70% other metal!